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Temecula and West Hollywood


AKS Blowdry Bar | Temecula, CA

Chicago-bred stylist Anastasia Koklamanis is bringing her famous Chicago blowouts to Wine Country at AKS Blow Dry Bar in historic Old Town Temecula. AKS Blow Dry Bar operates next door to Anastasia's namesake salon, which Anastasia designed to be completely private. "I wanted something where customers could just pop in for a blow dry. It's all about the experience. When you're getting a blowout, you don't want to be sitting next to a color customer!" And an experience it is. Stepping into AKS Blow Dry Bar is like getting your hair done in an upscale Manhattan salon, with gorgeous gold fixtures and a sliding glass barn-style door in the middle of the salon. The AKS Blow Dry Menu features styles like The L.A. Girl, The Chicago Girl, and the NYC Girl- all $40 blowouts for the city you connect with most!